Montréal – 2010

In August 2010, I spent most of my days at Le canal de Lachine in Montréal, Québec. The old buildings along the canal have either been kept as they are for artists’ studios, renovated into condominiums, or left to deteriorate. Many people use the trails around the canal to walk, bike or jog. They rest on the grassy areas, watch the locks being operated to let boats pass from one level to the next, or shop at Atwater market. The rich industrial architectural heritage, which is the main subject of my photography, appealed to my desire to demonstrate that some cities, some organizations and some people fight to keep these important traces of our industrial past.

– Florence Debeugny


Canal de Lachine





 Farine Five Roses (Canal de Lachine)






Silo n°8 (Canal de Lachine)





 Canal de Lachine




 Crane building (Canal de Lachine)










 Canada Malting Factory (Canal de Lachine)




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