De-Natured – 2022

In De-Natured, an art video, I have created oscillations between video and stills, colour and grayscale, blurry and jarring visuals of trees accompanied with sounds of human activity. The choice of these techniques are used to convey the continuous physical … Continue reading

Ocean Falls – 2015

Based in Vancouver, each time I have travelled by boat or seaplane to document communities on the West Coast of BC, I have been amazed by its immensity and the presence of humans in places so remote that it seems … Continue reading

Traces of BC Railways – 2014

The unification of Canada happened from east to west at least in part because of the transcontinental railway. The essential condition for British Columbia to join the Canadian Confederation was the promise of a railroad. The first passenger trains of … Continue reading

Urban Findings – 2013

In 2013, I explored urban sites that retain signs of past or historical periods. – In Prince George, while photographing some lumber mills, I came across the CN truss rail bridge over the Fraser River, built in 1914 by the … Continue reading

Industrial Edges – 2011

These photos were taken on Mitchell Island, Vancouver, BC. In these industrial districts I can “lose” myself for hours. For the first time I took photos with my commercial photographer friend, Yvon Ouellet, who graciously agreed to take photos in … Continue reading