Ioco / Belcarra Cottages / Port Moody – 2019

The video installation Ioco / Belcarra Cottages / Port Moody was completed in February 2018. This installation is designed to be displayed on three separate screens accompanied by a 21-minute art sound composition. This installation has been exhibited in a … Continue reading

Speaking Words of Wisdom

Three photographs collected from the Vancouver urban environment were brought together to play with the meaning of words and displayed in the group show Speaking Words of Wisdom, curated by Katherine Polgrain, at the Havana Art Gallery in Vancouver in … Continue reading


In 2002 and 2003, Florence Debeugny assembled photographs with found objects. Rusty Pipe was displayed in the Deterioration exhibition at Galiano Art Gallery in 2002. The 18″x28″ photograph was mounted 2 inches away from a rusty metal grid and hanging on … Continue reading

Installation for collector

After seeing the installation At the Edge of Wilderness, an art collector commissioned an artwork from Florence Debeugny. She selected 9 photographs from the 400 slides projected during the installation and assembled the 9 large prints in a 3 ft. … Continue reading

At the Edge of Wilderness

A collaboration with Hildegard Westerkamp, soundscape composer, resulted in a 400-slide, five-projector soundtracked installation entitled At the Edge of Wilderness. This installation, curated by the Western Front, explored the interaction of nature with the remains of some abandoned British Columbia mining … Continue reading