Ioco / Belcarra Cottages / Port Moody – 2019

The video installation Ioco / Belcarra Cottages / Port Moody was completed in February 2018. This installation is designed to be displayed on three separate screens accompanied by a 21-minute art sound composition. This installation has been exhibited in a … Continue reading

CRES sound artist-in-residence – 2016

The Media Arts Committee (MAC) of the Community Radio Education Society (CRES) offered me the artist-in-residence “Sound in Context: Field Recording” which I started on March 17th 2016. The main goal of this residency is to focus on the active … Continue reading

Audio recordings

Some samples of recordings I have done over the years.

Sample of Paris soundtrack

      Paris 2011

Sample of Le Lot soundtrack

      Le Lot 2011

Sample of Bretagne soundtrack

      Bretagne 2011

Sample of Le Sud-Ouest soundtrack

      Sud-Ouest 2011

Samples of Railways soundtrack

      Train 2014


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Traces of BC Railways – 2014

The unification of Canada happened from east to west at least in part because of the transcontinental railway. The essential condition for British Columbia to join the Canadian Confederation was the promise of a railroad. The first passenger trains of … Continue reading