Night Language

While looking like evocative abstract drawing, the tar calligraphy of Night Language reminds us of the wearing out of a manufactured substance that is part of our daily lives in an industrial world. We manufacture tar to temporarily repair the … Continue reading


CAUTION tape is a powerful symbol, causing us to detour around a site, despite the absence of human authority. This CAUTION has entered our subconscious, with its connotation of warning and danger, but do we even bother reading the words? … Continue reading

Life of Water

PhotoSensitive organized the group show Life of Water with the works of 100 Canadian photographers and presented two large prints from Florence Debeugny’s photo essay Prepare to Stop which addresses the connection between the very dry summer of 2005 in Metro … Continue reading


Twenty prints of industrial subjects, photographed through mesh, plastic and glass, were presented in 3 different solo shows and 2 group shows. The varying depths of field creating optical effects  suggest a parallel between the subjectivity of photography and the … Continue reading


34 prints from the Deterioration series, details of passage of time in urban and industrial environments were exhibited at: – Art Rental and Sales, Vancouver Art Gallery, rental of some prints, from 2006 to 2010 – Langham Cultural Centre Gallery, … Continue reading