De-Natured – 2022

In De-Natured, an art video, I have created oscillations between video and stills, colour and grayscale, blurry and jarring visuals of trees accompanied with sounds of human activity. The choice of these techniques are used to convey the continuous physical … Continue reading

Place – 2022

L’œuvre mosaïque Interruption vitale / Fundamental Disruption de Florence Debeugny traite de la déforestation massive, de la perte de relation avec la nature, de notre place dans la nature. L’œuvre propose une déconstruction de l’image de l’arbre en trois sections … Continue reading

Ioco / Belcarra Cottages / Port Moody – 2019

The video installation Ioco / Belcarra Cottages / Port Moody was completed in February 2018. This installation is designed to be displayed on three separate screens accompanied by a 21-minute art sound composition. This installation has been exhibited in a … Continue reading

Vis-à-vis / Face to Face – 2018

En français (text in English below) L’œuvre Vis-à-vis / Face to Face créée durant la résidence d’artiste Contextualisation organisée par Réseau Nord-Ouest et financée par Patrimoine canadien et le Conseil des arts du Canada a été présentée en novembre 2018 … Continue reading

CRES sound artist-in-residence – 2016

The Media Arts Committee (MAC) of the Community Radio Education Society (CRES) offered me the artist-in-residence “Sound in Context: Field Recording” which I started on March 17th 2016. The main goal of this residency is to focus on the active … Continue reading

Audio recordings

Some samples of recordings I have done over the years.

Sample of Paris soundtrack

      Paris 2011

Sample of Le Lot soundtrack

      Le Lot 2011

Sample of Bretagne soundtrack

      Bretagne 2011

Sample of Le Sud-Ouest soundtrack

      Sud-Ouest 2011

Samples of Railways soundtrack

      Train 2014


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Ocean Falls – 2015

Based in Vancouver, each time I have travelled by boat or seaplane to document communities on the West Coast of BC, I have been amazed by its immensity and the presence of humans in places so remote that it seems … Continue reading

Traces of BC Railways – 2014

The unification of Canada happened from east to west at least in part because of the transcontinental railway. The essential condition for British Columbia to join the Canadian Confederation was the promise of a railroad. The first passenger trains of … Continue reading

Night Language

While looking like evocative abstract drawing, the tar calligraphy of Night Language reminds us of the wearing out of a manufactured substance that is part of our daily lives in an industrial world. We manufacture tar to temporarily repair the … Continue reading

Urban Findings – 2013

In 2013, I explored urban sites that retain signs of past or historical periods. – In Prince George, while photographing some lumber mills, I came across the CN truss rail bridge over the Fraser River, built in 1914 by the … Continue reading

Industrial Edges – 2011

These photos were taken on Mitchell Island, Vancouver, BC. In these industrial districts I can “lose” myself for hours. For the first time I took photos with my commercial photographer friend, Yvon Ouellet, who graciously agreed to take photos in … Continue reading


CAUTION tape is a powerful symbol, causing us to detour around a site, despite the absence of human authority. This CAUTION has entered our subconscious, with its connotation of warning and danger, but do we even bother reading the words? … Continue reading

Giants Leap / À pas de géants

The 54-minute documentary Giants Leap/ À pas de géants, collaboration with filmmaker Lynsey Hamilton, is a diverse portrait of a changing neighbourhood, Vancouver Downtown South, raising questions of progress, heritage preservation, housing and culture, and it represents the changing values … Continue reading

Almost Gone, Remains of Cannery Villages

Almost Gone, Remains of Cannery Villages is a multi-media collage of photographs, video sequences, interviews and soundtrack. This 26-minute production evokes the essence of abandonment of the canning industry on the central and northern BC coasts, where the remains of … Continue reading

Life of Water

PhotoSensitive organized the group show Life of Water with the works of 100 Canadian photographers and presented two large prints from Florence Debeugny’s photo essay Prepare to Stop which addresses the connection between the very dry summer of 2005 in Metro … Continue reading

Speaking Words of Wisdom

Three photographs collected from the Vancouver urban environment were brought together to play with the meaning of words and displayed in the group show Speaking Words of Wisdom, curated by Katherine Polgrain, at the Havana Art Gallery in Vancouver in … Continue reading


Twenty prints of industrial subjects, photographed through mesh, plastic and glass, were presented in 3 different solo shows and 2 group shows. The varying depths of field creating optical effects  suggest a parallel between the subjectivity of photography and the … Continue reading

Event Magazine

Cover page, photograph Yellow stairs
Event Magazine
31/3, winter 2003










In 2002 and 2003, Florence Debeugny assembled photographs with found objects. Rusty Pipe was displayed in the Deterioration exhibition at Galiano Art Gallery in 2002. The 18″x28″ photograph was mounted 2 inches away from a rusty metal grid and hanging on … Continue reading


34 prints from the Deterioration series, details of passage of time in urban and industrial environments were exhibited at: – Art Rental and Sales, Vancouver Art Gallery, rental of some prints, from 2006 to 2010 – Langham Cultural Centre Gallery, … Continue reading

Installation for collector

After seeing the installation At the Edge of Wilderness, an art collector commissioned an artwork from Florence Debeugny. She selected 9 photographs from the 400 slides projected during the installation and assembled the 9 large prints in a 3 ft. … Continue reading

Geist Magazine

The featured article, “Industrial Ghosts,” presents the installation At the Edge of Wilderness, coordinated by the Western Front and exhibited at the Vancouver Ironworks in September 2000. Nineteen of the installation’s 400 photographs are published in the article. The article’s … Continue reading

At the Edge of Wilderness

A collaboration with Hildegard Westerkamp, soundscape composer, resulted in a 400-slide, five-projector soundtracked installation entitled At the Edge of Wilderness. This installation, curated by the Western Front, explored the interaction of nature with the remains of some abandoned British Columbia mining … Continue reading

Soundscape Journal

Cover page photo and inside photo
, the Journal of Acoustic Ecology
Volume 1, Number 2, Winter 2000

Cover design by Robert MacNevin


All photographs, videos and soundtracks in this website are the intellectual
property of Florence Debeugny.

Please contact Florence Debeugny by e-mail at

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