In 2002 and 2003, Florence Debeugny assembled photographs with found objects.

Rusty Pipe was displayed in the Deterioration exhibition at Galiano Art Gallery in 2002.
The 18″x28″ photograph was mounted 2 inches away from a rusty metal grid and hanging on the wall from rusty chains. This artwork was purchased by a private collector in 2004.



The artwork entitled Photo Album is an assemblage of found metallic objects and 59 small photographs (2″ by 3″) mounted on an old, rusty cot spring. The photographs, details and textures of neglected and decaying objects, were taken in old and current industrial areas of BC, such as in abandoned mines in the Kootenays, and in shipyards and factories of Vancouver. The metallic objects were found on the ground during the various photography outings in Vancouver and surrounding areas. Everyone can come across these mundane objects in any industrial or urban street. The folding-cot spring was found beside a garbage bin in Vancouver. The photographs were displayed on both sides of the cot in 2 different setups (one side had metal parts of the cot in front of the photos).

This work was presented during Artropolis at the CBC Studios, Vancouver, in 2003. It was part of the Residue curated show (during Artropolis 2003. there were three curated shows and one juried show).





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