Almost Gone, Remains of Cannery Villages

Almost Gone, Remains of Cannery Villages is a multi-media collage of photographs, video sequences, interviews and soundtrack. This 26-minute production evokes the essence of abandonment of the canning industry on the central and northern BC coasts, where the remains of buildings and people’s memories echo the experiences of long-gone communities. It expresses the disheartenment of finding so little evidence of an important era of BC history.

In 2003, Florence Debeugny travelled part of the BC central coast to photograph past cannery villages such as Bella Coola, Namu, Butedale, Bella Bella and Tallheo.

In 2004, she spent two weeks at the North Pacific Museum, a former cannery village close to Prince Rupert, photographing remains of surrounding cannery villages such as Inverness, Cassiar and Port Essington.

– North Pacific Museum, Port Edward, BC, in 2012

– Le Labo, Toronto, ON, Labo-Show: Digital Nomads, in 2008

– Vancouver Main Public Library, Vancouver, BC, in 2006

Kitimat Centennial Museum, Kitimat, BC, in 2006

– Gulf of Georgia Historical Site, Steveston, BC, in 2006

North Pacific Museum, Port Edward, BC, in 2006

Alliance française, Vancouver, BC, in 2006

Click here to view a 6-minute excerpt of Almost Gone, Remains of Cannery Villages, from the 26-minute full version.

A copy of the 26-minute video is available on request.


Tallheo Cannery



Bella Coola

North Pacific Cannery

Butedale Cannery

Old Bella Bella


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